If you have visited our gun shop in Tyler, Texas, leave us a review and let us know how we did. We take great pride in our industry knowledge and our ability to prepare our customers to hit their targets. If we missed the target, let us know!

Great folks , awesome customer service and amazing knowledge of firearms and accessories. recommend to anyone.

Buddy B.

The guys at Mac's were extremely helpful when I needed a stuck round cleared from my pistol. I was a little weary of going to a gunsmith and being judged for such a rookie mistake but they were professional every step of the way and used it as an educational moment for me as a fairly new gun owner. Definitely will have a customer in me from now on and I am very thankful for their help!

Daniel I.

I called ,looking for specific rounds and pricing. The phone rang but nobody answered. Instead of leaving a message I just hung up and would call later. Well, I didn't have to...before I could set my phone down I received a call back. Based on that alone...they gained a customer. The call back was more than unexpected for me...it was a glimpse of what kind of people ans company you are dealing with. They answered all my questions with info BEYOND what I was looking for. The pricing is better than anyone in town from the costs I was given. Customer service here is beyond anything you have, or will experience. Check them out!

Mark D.

The McBride family is second to none in East Texas when it comes to knowledge on firearms. They are down to Earth and customer-oriented in every way. I've done business there for 26 years now and highly recommend them. Whether you truly enjoy firearms or are a brand new gun owner, there is no better place to go.

Tommy L.

Everyone that works there knows more about their product than you and I will ever know, and you can trust their advice. You can feel good about buying a product from someone who actually knows what they are talking about! Prices are competitive with the big stores and on-line retailers.

Otto Herod

There not just trying to sell you something they want you to buy. They make sure its something you want and are really friendly and down to earth and make sure you leave satisfied. I recommend you to stop by here.


A great shop that is very helpful with friendly people. This is the only privately owned shop in the Tyler, TX area that won't talk down to you or be condescending if they don't have exactly what you need. The ONLY place that gets my business for firearm-related parts/repair.

Matt Galland

Nice shop. They ordered a pistol for me that i was having trouble finding. No other shop in town even offered to do this. I have already recommend them to a friend.

Ryan W.

Most knowledgeable shop I've ever been to. Been taking my business to Mac's since 2008 and not once have I been disappointed. If you're looking to build a top-of-the-line rifle or just ask some questions in a friendly setting, look no further. And don't let the old-timey feel of Mac's deter you, they can build you a custom AR with the latest and greatest or whatever else your heart desires. I wish I could give them 6 stars.

Reid A.

Awesome shop, great family owned business. They get all my work.

Jeremy S.

Excellent service, great store, will come back.

Jaime C.

Hand gun selection was slim long guns tons. But they do work with Davidson's gallery of guns and you can order what ever you want. The best thing about this place is they have some classics and beauty guns (gold, chrome, pearl) that you'd never see anywhere. So if you're trying to find a gift for that special someone that has everything and is a firearm fan this is the place to go!

Travis G.